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We are not just a service provider; we’re your dedicated partner in success. We understand that achieving your goals requires unwavering support and tailored solutions. That’s why our full-service commitment is designed to cater to your unique needs and objectives.

Variety of models tailored to your individual needs

01 Service contract

For your defined, ongoing project, ensure top-tier implementation with our service contract. Benefit from our seasoned experts' industry knowledge and a transparent communication model. Legal security and compliance are our foundation for excellence.

02 Freelance

NAXCON - Your go-to for specialized engineering & IT freelancers. Swift, tailored, and compliant. Elevate your team with our robust network for expert selection, whether for peaks, shortages, or special projects.

03 Contract for work

Minimize effort, ensure cost-efficient implementation, and trust in our global network for flexible work and services contracts. With NAXCON, you get high-quality, timely results, and seamless project management.

04 Employee leasing

For temporary support in peak orders, special projects, or internal constraints, employee leasing is the ideal solution. Our skilled employees provide on-site expertise, offering you maximum flexibility and resource control.


Explore Our European Reach

No matter where you are, our support is just a click or visit away. With multiple locations across Europe, we're readily available to provide tailored engineering and IT solutions.



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